What resonates beyond emotions?

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ARISE - Project: Omniscia
Arise Album Project: Omniscia
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Embrace the Darkness
Final Chapter

about the project

What resonates beyond emotions?

We shape emotions through the art of sound crafting.

This is how our story begins, when Andrés & Ángel worked for the first time together in a videogame project. Shortly after starting this project, they realized that they connected quite well as a team. Then, they decided to start a project to show how they feel themselves about music and sound design.


about the team

What resonates beyond emotions?

Andrés Ravelo

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, He started to play the electric guitar at the age of 9 years old. Self-taught, he began the journey into the universe of sounds, exploring how to create new soundscapes, textures and music. After studying classical composition and orchestration he moved to The Netherlands to continue studying composition and arranging in jazz. 

Ángel Cortiñas

Ángel Cortiñas who lives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, began at an early age to get involved in Hip-Hop culture as B-Boy performance at local contests. Later, he started as a producer, composer & MC/Vocalist of Old School Rap/R&B music styles in the 90’s
He has even been involved in some local Metal bands as drummer & vocalist as well.
Currently, he continues to study composition, orchestration and instrumentation.


Music composition

We do many styles of music. From classical to jazz, including electronics, etc. We love being creative!

Sound design

Making soundscapes and foley it’s essential to create a faithful atmosphere. We believe there are no limits to sound!


Dynamic soundtrack, sound integrations. game mechanics with sounds. We take care of those details!

Films & trailers

Synchronize music to hitpoints, characters leitmotif. We know the value of music in storytelling!

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